Uncertified Overachievers - the secret of successful college dropouts 

July 31, 2022
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So you want to hire a inspired, hard working and disciplined designer, but all you have is months of searching and a whole lot of headaches. It’s not uncommon for business owners to completely botch their design and branding leading to indifference from the market. 

The biggest challenges is hiring and keeping the right talent. This is our business, this is why Kholab exists. Finding the right talent is the difference between leading your market with a memorable and marketable offer VS being a market laggard that’s always picking up after the leaders. Designers play a crucial role in how brands position themselves, communicate their offer, craft the customer experience and build a reputation amongst their market. 

Here are some things you should know about Rising Design Talents.

1. They are diverse thinker

Upon reflection of the best designers we've had the pleasure of working with, one trait sticks out above all else. And that is having the ability to adapt to any industry and project. With years of experience in the industry, we had an insurance and finance graduate, a fine arts painter, environmental engineering student, marketing graduates, poets, potters, and more. As a result, we have been able to develop the capacity of coming up with unique designs that suit the trend in different industries.

Having a shared pool of experiences that are diverse and deep can bring insights to every project that will bring new possibilities. Even without an extensive team, a diverse thinker is used to change and can remain relevant and productive in difficult periods.

2. They are always renewing their skills

The rate at which things change is as fast as our ability to transfer knowledge. What used to be an excellent design concept is now outdated. So if you hire a designer that does not move with the trend, we can assure you that you will fail at capturing and retaining the attention of most of your target audience because of your brand's indifference in the market. 

Due to the world of global business and digital brands today, most markets are becoming winner takes all markets. 

Meaning that you may not be able to stay in between, so it is either you are winning or losing. If cheaper, faster, better, and safer options are invented, they will go public and roll out in every market possible to do the extraordinary. 

Another trait we spotted in our top designers is an attuned interest in new technology and software. They are constantly in the loop with the latest techniques to push their design to a new medium or upskill. A good designer should be good at changing design approaches, and re-conceptualize so as not to be left behind. 

In fact, many of our designers moonlight after work, grinding away on passion projects such as 3d rendering, 3d animations, coding, and researching. They understand that developing a new concept, understanding new design theories, and proficient use of sophisticated software is essential to compete for the top projects in the industry. This trait has been key to rolling out new services and offerings within our team. It is what makes our designers exceptional.

3. Never complete 

It's hard for most graphic designers to change their approaches especially if they have done incredible projects using certain approaches. But the intense desire to do better is what differentiates an ordinary designer from an extraordinary designer. Brilliant designers don't dwell on past glory. 

They focus on the things that lie ahead not behind. They are always trying to one up themselves by breaking rules to see what happens. They go for 3D instead of 2D, try out new typefaces, and make research to discover new design concepts. 

It is difficult to accept, yet, the truth is that everyone cannot be a good designer. It is built out of passion and willingness to learn. It's a flame that you must keep burning, or else, it withers and falls behind. My run-in with photography was a passion that atrophied as I didn't have the time to pursue it for improvement, but only for commercial gain. In contrast, top designers are always fine-tuning their skillful hands. 

There is an interesting trend to observe from our past hires. Almost all of them did not have a design degree. I believe this means they've had to moonlight in design (designing isn't a career parents easily support in Asia), working after hours, self taught, and self-funded. This also means there was no graduation ceremony, they were drived by their passion.

In a nutshell, these are the 3 things that impress us when we are looking to hire. Hope this gives you an idea of the kind of talent that would be fit for you. 

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