Building a startup requires you to be a wizard in multiple areas

User Experience

Our team works closely with you as a design co-founder to bring your concepts into reality

MVP Design / Product Design

So you have a solution the market needs, but your user's don't know how to engage with your product. We often meet founders with outstanding technical skills but lack the design discipline to create a product that is easy to understand, use and recommend. Our designers have experience working with the limitations of an early-stage startup to produce product designs that are intuitive and easy to use, enabling technical founders to focus on what's on what they are best at.

Pitch decks and sales presentations

Founders often find that their service has so much to offer, but where do you even start when engaging with potential investors, co-founders and prospects? There is so much to say but such little time. Our team of communications experts have helped countless startups build pitch decks and sales presentations to concisely articulate their unique selling proposition and build confidence with their audience.

Branding & Communications

A well-developed brand identity and communications strategy can help build trust with your audience. The market is saturated with businesses claiming to be the best, making it hard to stand out even with a pile of marketing cash. Our team of branding experts can help your brand find its unique voice and cut through the noise.

Our agency was built to serve startups and enable them to be scaleups

Young Growth Academy

"Kholab has helped us establish a brand presence and scale YGA at an incredible rate. Tem and his team are phenomenal. I have recommended and willl continue to recommend Kholab to anyone considering to grow their brand!"
Young Growth Academy
Alan Tran

You bring the big idea, we’ll make it happen