Poor User Experience Could Be Killing Your Conversions - Don't Make These Top 3 Mistakes

March 1, 2022

A bad user experience (UX) resulting from a poorly designed user interface (UI) leads to frustrated customers, which can kill your conversions.  If you are having trouble nailing down the reason for poor sales, it might be time to look at the experience your UI delivers to your leads and customers.

As an experienced UI/UX design Sydney service, we see many design mistakes, some more prevalent than others. Make sure you are not making any of these top three UX design mistakes.

Mistake #1 Not Observing User Interactions

Surveys are a fantastic resource for finding out what your visitors need. However, what they say about how visitors would like to use a product is very different from how they will actually use the real thing.

Users may also not know precisely what they need and will tell you what you want to hear instead.

One of the best ways to discover what design features to incorporate in your UI is to observe people using your website or prototype.

A UI/UX Sydney design service can help you understand your design needs and create a UX that will keep people on your page and improve conversions.

Mistake #2 Creating a Too Complex Design

Users who don't understand how to navigate your product will quickly grow frustrated and look for other options. According to Jakob Neilson, all it takes is ten seconds for a user to form a judgement on whether to stay or bail. The worse the interface is, the quicker they will leave.

The best method for avoiding a complex, hard to use design is to do plenty of research. Your UI/UX design Sydney agency can help you fine-tune a design that will keep more of your visitors on-site. The longer you can keep people on your page, the closer they get to a conversion.

Mistake #3 Following Trends Without Due Diligence

It's only natural to see every other business using a feature and worry about missing out. However, not all trends are suitable for the customer experience. Consider the hamburger menu on mobile websites as a case in point.

Sure, it frees up a lot of screen real estate to keep a mobile interface clean and uncluttered, but it's not exactly intuitive. More companies are ditching the hamburger menu in favour of other design choices.

Spotify increased app engagement by 30% when they got rid of their hamburger menu icon. Don't be afraid to not use something just because every other business is on board with it.

More UX Mistakes to Be Aware Of

Here are a few more bad UX design decisions we see every day which you should avoid:

  • Overly complicated password requirements.
  • Autoplay of audio and videos
  • Navigation buttons to return to the menu or scroll back to the top
  • No search function or search function not working
  • A laborious unsubscribe process

Don't let bad design choices limit your conversions. Talk to a professional UI/UX design Sydney service to learn how to create a great user experience for your website or digital product today.