Once we have established, who IEA is, and what it wants to communicate, we now have to bring it alive in visual form.
We presented 2 main directions:
- First direction was more centered around childhood, vibrancy and colourful.
- The second direction we suggested was more professional, european and energetic.
Given the concern from our target audience, we decided to stick with the second option with uses of cool colours. Having a more professional and european look, gave the brand a higher end quality focused look. Contrasting that with energetic type and visuals, we were also able to convey the active and innovative side of the brand.

The challenge

The biggest issue IEA was facing is that the concept of physical activities for education was a new idea in Asia and no other school offered a similar service. In our initial meeting with the IEA team, we did a deep empathy exercise to uncover the fears and problems their target customer face.

Our approach

In Asia, businesses names tend to be more descriptive, as the audience doesn’t have strong English, it’s more effective in quickly communicating exactly what the brand has to offer. So English Academy was the descriptive part of the name.
“INTER-ACTIVE” part has 3 layers.
“Interactive” when said together means: Involving communication between people. It’s also following the philosophy of Interactive Teaching.
“Inter” is commonly associated with international. A big desire for our target audience was them to grand the ability of international travel and study for their children.
“Active” suggests that the learning provided is not rote learning, but very engaging, both physically and mentally.

Interactive English Academy

Brand Identity
Brand Writing
Logo & Brand Mark

English tuition is a multibillion-dollar industry in Asia. However, there is a big divide between quality education providers and cookie-cutter schools. Most people can’t afford quality schools, and the school in the affordable range offer a very uninspired learning experience. Kolab was approached by the founder of IEA with nothing but the core idea. The core idea was to bring interaction and physical activity to the learning experience which is scientifically proven to increase retention, confidence and fluency.


Let make something super cool!!!!!!