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Cut through the noise, Communicate your value & Build a brand that thrives.

Book a 45 minute brand consultation session. Available for a limited time only.
- No Quotes
- No Proposal
- No Pitch
- Just 100% genuine advice

Everything you need to know about building a brand that thrives!

How to posittion your brand to wanted & needed


How to refine your marketing messaging

How to choose the right visual direction

How to communicate value of your offering

Building a strong brand however is tought. Founders often spends thousands of dollars and many sleepless nights trying to get their brand to work only for it to be dismissed with indifference from their target audience. If you’re serious about building a brand that your customers will resonate with, book a strategy session with Tem. You will learn about:

- Brand Goal and Ambition
- Target Customers
- Unique Value Proposition

- Brand Name
- Agline & Slogan
- Vision, Mission and Values

- Marketing Messaging
- Advertising Strategy
- Conversion Strategy

- Visual Direction
- Use of Imagery & Visuals
- Social Media Direction

How We Can Help

Who will help you?
I bring ideas into reality. With my diverse experience in design, communication and marketing I help founders realise their brands potential. I’ve helped many brands build their identity, refine their marketing messaging and produce ads that grab attention. I’ve worked with industry-leading teams like Hubspot, Koala Mattress, Thank You Co, MVMT, Culture IQ, Coconut Bowls and many more.
Temuge Namjiilsuren - Branding Expert
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